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Important Notice

This wiki is no longer actively maintained and hence may not reflect the latest changes being made at PBase.


This is an effort at collaborative documentation page for PBase. Our goal is to create CSS and HTML resources as well as some HOWTOs and important links for us, the users of PBase.


  1. HTML Guide - A basic HTML guide
  2. CSS Guide - Detailed guide on CSS
  3. CSS Bank - CSS codes you can use
  4. FAQs - The good old
  5. HOWTOs - On a range on topics
  6. Tips and Tricks - Cool tricks
  7. Useful Tools - By and for PBase users
  8. Silly Trivia - Oh yeah!
  9. Useful Links - Essentials

Important Announcement

PBase has disabled the use of Javascript in almost all cases and hence some of the tricks and additional 'features' we have managed to add in may not work. There is nothing we can do about this at our side. If there are some parts of javascript still working in some areas, there is no guarantee that they will continue to work. PBase has made it clear that they will strip any javascript code/trick they come across, so please don't depend on them working.

However do note that PBase is slowly but surely adding most of these disabled work-around into official supported features, case in point Slideshows and Statistics page.


If you have any suggestions or feedback, please post it in the feedback page.

How to Help

Edit ability is restricted to registered users and registration is not open to general public. Though the software is a wiki, we are not trying to use the wiki's free-for-all participatory style for editing. If you think you can help in the documentation process and want an account, drop me a note.



  • This wiki is not an official document from PBase.
  • Any service or website that is mentioned in this wiki is a pointer that the wiki editors thought would be useful and should not be considered as an endorsement. Use them only after fully evaluating and understanding their features, Terms of Service etc.


  • Messages - Can only be viewed by Wiki editors and is not open to general public.
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