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Useful PBase tools created by members of PBase

This page has been adapted from the original PBase tools list maintained by Srijith These tools were created due to popular demand for tools that PBase does not (yet) provide but are very useful nonetheless.

  • PBaseUpload by Srijith - A utility to conveniently upload images to PBase as an alternative to PBase's HTML interface.
  • PBgrab by Arjun - A tool for downloading all your PBase gallery images for archival. Original forum discussion here. PBgrab comes along with an extensive help file - please refer to it for details on how to use it.
  • PBStats by Arjun - A tool for generating interesting statistics about your galleries (Most popular images, galleries, and such). Original forum discussion here.
  • iPhoto2PBase by Scott Andrew - A cool plugin for Mac users using which PBase subscribers can upload photos to PBase. Further discussion on this tool can be found here. Scott has promised a windows version with more upgrades.
  • PBasePic by Cris - A MacOS dashboard widget for displaying random PBase photos. No windows version planned, yet. Original forum discussion here.
  • Firefox Search Engine by sosumi - Adds access to PBase search into the Firefox UI. Search for 'PBase' in the website to find the search engine.

Tools that don't seem to exist and/or function anymore

  • RSS Feed generator by Srijith - (discontinued) A neat RSS feed generator. PBase users need to simply add a small code to their PBase gallery to generate feed for their galleries. Please see here for instructions on how to set up the feed. Original forum discussion here.
  • Slideshow - (discontinued) This is a Javascript based slideshow generator - please see here for details. Original forum discussion here.
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